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To Infinium and Beyond!

Who we are…
We are an IT Solutions provider (MSP) offering a number of products designed for small to mid-size business and government agencies.  We have over 50 years of combined experience in various levels of IT services including Consulting, Management and Support.

What to expect…
Our goal is to become your outsourced IT Department to provide the level of support you expect from an onsite support group at the price you expect from an offsite team.

Our Data Center…
We have our own Data Center Resources hosted in one of the top US Based Data Centers available.  We can host one to thousands of servers, websites or files.  This allows us to provide cloud based services or backup/offsite resources to your in house products.

In-House Servers…
The Data Center is a valuable resource, but sometimes on-site systems make better business sense.  We have the tools, experience and understanding of in-house services. So we are able to provide support through either solution as well as a combination, where it make sense.

About Phone Service…
We have partnered with multiple top tier providers to give you the highest level of service, including high availability, failover options and more.  We currently route close to 200,000 minutes per month on our telephone networks.  This allows even the smallest company or city to benefit from enterprise level solutions.



Full service Computer Management Solution. We monitor, maintain, and remotely assist with all of your hardware and software needs.

Phone Services

Telephone Systems hosted in our Private Cloud Data Center or On-Site including Long Distance, Minutes, Numbers and Texting

Managed Servers

Private Cloud Hosted and Managed Server Solution. Including Web, SQL, Email and Custom Servers.

Storage Services and Custom Servers

File storage services, Mail server & custom server design and management

Our Story

The Infinium team consists of specialists with many years of experience to the IT Field.  Including Consulting, Technical Support, Server and PC Management and Government Contracting.  We have made very stratigic partnerships with vendors that we know and can trust.  Creating a combination of services and combined team of resource specialists to assure our customers the highest level of service possible.

Management Team

Neal Baer

Neal Baer

Phone and Linux Services

Neal comes to us from Texas.  Neal has over 40 years of IT Experience in Consulting and Telephone Services.  Neal also specializes in Mechanical and Electronic design, including board design and certification.

Jason Derr

Jason Derr

Server and Support Services

Jason comes to us from Pennsylvania.  With over 25 years of professional experience, specializing in Computer Repair, Data Center Services, and Help Desk Support.

Jennifer Baer

Jennifer Baer

Sales and Billing Services

Jennifer comes to us from Texas.  She specializes in finance and public relations.  Jennifer has over 20 years experience in public relations, project management and accounting.