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Atlanta Data Center

Why Infinium?

Most Managed Service Providers are missing a major component, a data center.  Infinium has invested in your business’ future by placing ourselves in a high availability data center.  We are located at the second most connected building in the Southeast.  The data center has interconnection services to more than one thousand leading telecommunication carriers, ISPs, content providers, and enterprises through more than 40,000 cross connects.  What does that mean?  Redundancy for availability to your data.  If you have internet access in your office, you can reach the data center.

Safety and security

This is a HIPAA and SAS 70 II Compliant facility.  Why is that important?  We go above and beyond with the required physical and technical safeguards to protect your data.  There are guards upon entry into the data center.  Access control system that limits access to the facility at the lobby.  There is a contingency operations plan in place.  Contingency is an unexpected event or situation that can disrupt operations.  There are built in safeguards to protect our clients from such events.  We also have technical safeguards in place with redundant firewalls and switches configured to keep unauthorized traffic from reaching the servers. 

HIPAA and SAS 70 II Compliancy are rigorous processes to complete to guard data for medical and financial organizations.  We protect all client data at the same high standards

We have very diverse backgrounds in Municipal and Federal government support, healthcare, law enforcement, business continuity/disaster recovery, data engineering, electronic architecture, phone systems, software development and much more.
Our combined experience totals over 80+ years to provide service above the rest!

Data Center Specs

Utility Power

  • AC and DC, generator, UPS
  • Diverse entry points
  • 3 power feeds/2 grids
  • UPS: (8) 2.25MW UPS units with N+1 configuration

Security & Monitoring

  • Security: 24/7 lobby and facility staff
  • SSAE 16 SOC2 Compliant
  • Monitoring: mission critical systems, surveillance, access control

Roof & Parking

  • Roof rights available
  • Ceiling Height: 12 feet
  • Concrete deck with raised steel platform
  • Parking available

Secondary Power

  • N+1 redundancy
  • Generators: (2) 1.75MW
  • 12,000 gallons of stored diesel fuel
  • Multiple SLA backed vendors for refueling
  • Fire Suppression & Warning
  • Fire safety: VESDA and pre-action dry-pipe
  • Fire warning: Pre-action, early warning

Floor Loading

  • 200 lbs/sf
  • Reinforced concrete


  • N+1 redundancy
  • 7 CRAC units
  • 68 to 73 degrees temperature
  • 45% humidity
  • Leak detection
  • 210 tons total capacity

Fiber & Building Entry

  • Multiple points of entry
  • Major southeast Interconnection point
  • Interconnection services to more than 1,000+ leading telecommunications carriers, ISPs, content providers, and enterprises through more than 40,000+ cross connections

Data Center

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